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  1. Just search your company name if you are a Vendor.
  2. To find a body shop Click on Find a Body Shop, enter the zip code and follow the prompts.
  3. Click on your ‘Profile Page’ by name when it appears and review your page.
  4. Click on ‘Own this business? Claim it now' on your Profile page so you can start to make edits.
  5. Follow the prompts to edit your profile so it best reflects your business and the products & services you provide. 
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Why should you become a member?

Body Shops:

  • When vehicle owners are searching for a repair shop Gobodyshopmanager.com 'Body Shop Locater' will help them find you.

  • When body shop owners and managers are looking for products and services they need to run their business Gobodyshopmanager.com will help them find whatever it is they are looking for. Check out the more then 40 Business Categories and hundreds of Sub-Categories on the home page.

Product Vendors & Service Providers:

  • When body shop owners and managers are searching things that can help them in their business Gobodyshopmanager.com will help them find you and your offerings.

  • The 'Business Category' selections in Gobodyshopmanager.com make it easy for owners and managers to find exactly what they are looking for without going out on the web and randomly searching for what they need.  


Member Benefits/Details:

Included in a paid membership enrollment of $299.00 annually equal to $0.82 per day you are entitled to the following:

  1. Personalized Membership Log-in ID # and Password allowing 24/7 access to edit your Custom Business Profile page settings

  2. Hyper Link connection to your website from your Profile page

  3. Up load a picture of your business or your company logo to the Profile page

  4. Up load a PDF containing things like a brochure, price list, catalog or detailed fact document about your business to your Profile page 

  5. As a paid member you get noted Top Spot position in all related search results

  6. Access to post an event on Events Calendar page 24/7 at no cost to you the member

  7. Access to Industry Links Page

  8. Access to Post Job Opportunities in your business 24/7 for a $17.00 admin fee. (Vs. Market pricing from $200 to $300)

  9. Access to Post a Business for Sale for a $39.00 admin fee 24/7 (Vs. Open Market pricing of $300.00 and up)

  10. Access to Post Equipment of any kind for sale 24/7 for a $17.00 admin fee on a collision industry specific site


    All postings are for a period of 30 calendar days 

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